Thursday, January 28, 2010

my european vacation

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


a toony post after very long.. been three years since the jhinga la la trip, and it still evokes such memories!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

moving out.

Its 4:30 AM, im back in #502 after unpapcking all my stuff at the new apartment. this place feels so empty and lonely - though i must say the new place looks so cozy now that all my stuff is in there (or atleast im psychologically disposed to feeling that way!! :)
although this was a great apartment, i feel like im dropping behind a lot of baggage - leaving me with this very clean, purged feeling. purged in what way? well...
1) ive dropped behind 14 kilos (wooohooo!!! though i did put on 8 of those here :P - nevertheless net losses = 6 kilos.. yay!)
2) i junked a lot of clothes over the past few weeks. now feel like i just have clothes and things i like, are usable and fit me (as opposed to loads of stuff that i dont need, dont like, dont fit into, and / or will never wear) - helps that the new place has only a smallish cupboard has to fit in everything. and its all fit in really well. also in my over enthu over the past few weeks, have made these stupid shoe boxes i use to keep randon stuff in look quite cool so its all very neat and nice :)
3) such a relief to junk all the stuff well past their expiry date! :D
4) also leaving with my hair 20 inches shorter - and all natural! :D

lots of other stuff thats really exciting, its weird that im looking forward to new house and new flatmates as a 25 year old! (feel like im 15)

what ill miss the most though is padma - the most awesome maid/housekeeper. shes awewsome! wonder what i can do for her that will mean anything... especially over the past few days while packing and unpacking she's told me the story of her life - and i feel so stupid for being such a loser after having had everything i could need.

sleepy. good night. welcome back me. :) (coming soon with new resolutions for a new house - with the first being 3 / week blogging)!

Friday, March 30, 2007

yay! it does work

and i'm back.. guess the only person celebrating, is me.. so yay! :)

a quick update..
i graduated (surprisingly) last week and am back at home and all its comforts for 6 whole weeks before i start work (my first proper job - doing shitty intern work does not count)
i did manage to get a job in a company i like.. except that the job is gonna take me far away from almost everyone ive known.. thats the bad part.. :(

two years ago when i left home, i didnt feel too bad coz i thought i was gonna come back to mumbai for sure.. i didnt think i was leaving behind friends and family for too long.. two years was nothing.. and time did fly that fast..

but now im headed to hyderabad (??!!??!!) for heaven knows how long.. i know nothing about the place, am nervous at the prospect of living alone (excited too, of course :-) cant really imagine myself doing grown up stuff like paying bills and employing a maid, cooking for myself and getting a paycheck (THAT im looking forward to :-D )
but basically, i cant imagine myself as a grown up.. seems like just yesterday i was at the iim indore gate on my first day and the guard asked me whether i was old enough to be a student there "Madamji, aap toh bahut chote lagte ho.. yahan sab bade log aate hai! :P" (sure he wont be saying that now :P )

but, im sure i will be fine.. ive always been watched over very well :)


please work :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

my story.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

second year...

whats second year at iim i about?

for me,

its about this feeling of comfort and familiarity, knowing the campus in and out and still feeling lost among the sea of new faces...

its about learning for learnings sake and not coz i have to..

its about being so used to late nights and last minute submissions that panic attacks are down to an all time low...

its about knowing that i am in a position of responsibility where i can make a difference...

its about being so used to the people around me that they seem natural extensions to myself.. i honestly find it hard to remember a time i did not know them..

its about a whole bunch of erstwhile idiots suddenly seeming grown up and mature...

its about still making a lot of mistakes, but handling them a wee bit better...

its about thinking a lot, lot more about life and what i would like to do with it...

its about seeing the campus so beautiful and green in the rains and knowing that its probably for the last time that im gonna see this...

its about falling in love with a city i didnt care a tiny bit about less than 2 years ago..

its about lots lots more......

'm lovin' it!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


just want to record the making of my first movie (nothing hi fi just moviemaker! :P), but im pretty kicked about it (and i think its come out quite ok! :D)
a fortunate few (:P) will get to watch it at the iim indore alumni meets all over the country on 27th...

this means, so far this summer i have designed/made (by designed i mean worked on it from scratch):

4 brochures
1.5 movies
1 newsletter
1 invitation
0.5 handbook
along with scores of templates, motivational notes (:P), ppts......

i think its a sign.... i think my career lies in media/design/advertising.....
why else would i get a design job during my internship in a bank as an MBA student!